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In early 2009 my interests in photography and Christianity found themselves converging at one fortuitous moment.

While standing in the historic Unitarian Church on Archdale Street in Charleston, SC gazing at their ceiling I realized that, despite Charleston’s abundance of beautiful churches, rarely did people actually experience them except as buildings they pass by on their way to doing other things. I also discovered that few modern collective photographic representations of them could be found. It didn’t take me long to realize that the explanation for this was because photographing the inside of a church isn’t easy.

With that problem in mind, and a hope to solve it, I decided to revisit the Unitarian church with a quickly borrowed camera. After repeated trial and error experiments I began to get results that pleased me. From that point I began traveling to each church, photographing it, and posting the pictures on the web for everyone to view. Inspired by the experience, as well as the response the photos of each church received, I have continued to photograph other churches in other cities. What began as the Churches of Charleston Project soon expanded to the Churches of America, and has again expanded to become the Churches of the World. As new church pictures are completed I will continue to post them for all to view with a goal of photographing the world’s historic and beautiful churches for all to see. Thank you for experiencing them with me.

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