I Need Your Assistance

As the photo project grows so do the needs to keep it going. This project is not something I am able to charge the churches for doing, and thus the majority of the cost falls on me to cover. Each trip involves many different elements, especially travel and time spent contacting and scheduling churches to make the photographs a reality. There are also fees associated with the upkeep of the project, such as hosting for our website.

Any help that you are able to provide me is welcome and appreciated. If you know someone who may be able to offer some support then I’d love to speak with them about what I’m doing. Some of the areas of greatest need are:


Trips to photograph churches require funding. Any monetary support you can offer, from a donation to sponsoring a complete trip, is greatly appreciated.


Do you have churches or cities in mind that would be worth a trip for photographing? I’d love to hear about them.

A Place To Stay

As I travel farther from home to photograph churches I spend more time in each city to cover everything. With that comes a need for a place to stay while I’m there.


I always connect with churches before coming, so contacts at churches or connections in cities are always helpful.


Many places I travel require flights to get there, especially when traveling overseas. I need help with tickets or any other connections for flights.


Do you have ideas for ways to get funding to keep the project going? I’d love to hear them.

Can You Offer Assistance?